**What's on at CCAD**----------- Student Services sessions at new build cafe every Tuesday and Thursday morning 8:30am-12:30pm ----------- Clothing donation collection for the homeless every Monday in January. 12pm-1pm old build canteen, 1pm-2pm new build reception. Bring your clean unwanted stuff! ----------- Initial Teacher Training talk 12:30 on 24 January in room 009, ground floor 1 Church Street (off the cafe). Email Pat Chapman to book on. -----------
  • Safeguarding

    Welcome to CCAD's Safeguarding page.

    Remember if you have a concern about someone and think they may be at risk of any form of harm please talk to your tutor, contact one of the Safeguarding Officers or use the CONFIDE button on your computer screen to report your concern. Don't do nothing!

    We hope you'll find the information on this page useful. If you would like to see anything else on here or have any feedback please contact Teresa Latcham (Student Services Manager) by email on teresa.latcham@ccad.ac.uk