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    Employability & Enterprise

    A Statement of what CCAD offers its students and alumni to support and advise them in career development.


    CCAD has a long history of sending its students on to successful careers in the creative economy.  We have done this by placing the development of the skills, behaviours and knowledge that industry looks for at the heart of our curriculum and student support.

    Our programmes are designed and delivered in partnership with industry and we offer extra support through our Folio Employability & Enterprise Service, supporting you in developing your transferable skills, and offering practical support in job hunting, moving on to further study and setting up your own business.

    This Statement tells you what CCAD will make available to you.

    Your entitlement as a student

    CCAD will ensure that:

    • Your programme of study will give you access to the latest developments in industry
    • You work with industrial partners on ‘live brief’ projects which give you a real understanding of commercial work and how to work to a client’s needs.
    • At each level of study you are supported in learning about your chosen industry; what opportunities it offers; and the professional expectations placed on people working in the sector
    • You will be supported in understanding and developing personal marketing skills – vital to you in selling your work and services
    • You will be supported in securing work experience – developing the track record that employers and clients look for
    • You will learn about your industry from established professionals, through lectures, visits and workshops.

    As a student you will have access to:

    • A range of Employability & Enterprise workshops, lectures and seminars – delivered by our dedicated and experienced staff or professionals and entrepreneurs from industry.
    • Personal, confidential, and impartial mentoring support for your personal and career development, including advice and guidance on CVs, job searching, mock interviews and business pitching.
    • Projects developing your teamwork, communications and entrepreneurial skills - boosting your confidence
    • Opportunities to volunteer in industry or the community to develop your experience and CV
    • Access to a range of resources to support your pathway to employment, self-employment or further study – 24 hours a day online through the VLE or in person at the Folio Employability & Enterprise Centre.
    • Access to enrichment programmes to support your preparation for work or self-employment delivered by specialist generic providers.
    • Signposting to other service providers such as National Careers Service, other universities, local authority enterprise advisers, enterprise agencies such as Princes Trust, and government agencies such as Job Centre Plus.  We will also give details of web based job vacancy alert systems relevant to the sector (though we can not guarantee the quality or accuracy of such sites).


    Your entitlement as an alumnus

    CCAD Alumni can expect to receive continuing support from CCAD.  In the early stages after graduation this might be short, practical courses to boost you in to employment or self-employment, later on this support might take the form of access to online resources and signposting to agencies and organisations that can help you to fulfil your ambitions.

    Alumni have access to the following services:

    • Short courses and personal mentoring for pathways to employment – refining your CV, job search, business pitch, or business plan (in the first year after graduation)
    • Appropriate seminars and lectures offered by Folio Enterprise & Employability Service (subject to limits on numbers)
    • Access to our VLE resources (ongoing when you register with us)
    • Short consultations booked with Folio and signposting to other relevant services
    • Business networking with other creative professionals in the Tees Valley
    • Access to technical equipment and advice (subject to entry and materials costs and any limit on numbers)

    CCAD alumni have always given something back in return – we would like to see you come back to offer your perspective on the industry to students.  We often look for new members of our programme based Industrial Liaison Groups – these have a real voice in shaping studies and keeping our work up to date with the latest in industry.  You might join one of these groups and not just help students but find new employees and develop links with other professionals prominent in your industry.


    What we want to happen

    By the end of your studies at CCAD we want you to have achieved a good degree. That is not enough if you want to succeed in employment or as a freelance practitioner. We also want you to have had the chance to develop a strong CV with evidence of valuable, real, experience.

    By the end of your time with CCAD we expect you to have done at least four of the following:

    • A challenging work experience
    • Relevant community based volunteering
    • Responded to a live brief
    • Test selling of your products
    • Worked on a team based project or enterprise activity
    • Produced a business plan
    • Produced high quality CV, business pitch and either had a mock interview or business presentation
    • A personal mentoring and /or careers advice session.

    We will provide you with the opportunities and support to do these.

    Finding Support

    Your programme team will give you advice and feedback throughout your studies and especially in Professional Studies modules.  They can often point you in the right direction for work experience and get you chances to experience industry as it really is.

    Working alongside your programme team is the staff of Folio, CCAD’s Employability and Enterprise Centre.  Sometimes you will see Folio staff delivering sessions as part of your Professional Studies but you will mainly find them in the Centre on Church Square.  You can use it as a place to do research; talk to staff about your career and development plans; get advice on job searches, cv writing, etc.  You can book a 1:2:1 appointment with a member of the team on any day of the week. Folio also runs a programme of events, seminars and workshop throughout the year.  Folio has its own area on the VLE where you will find resources and research links.

    Your responsibility

    CCAD will make these services available to you.  As a new creative practitioner it is your responsibility to take advantage of what we offer in a professional manner which enhances your reputation and employability.


    Once you have graduated whilst we are here to offer support you must also take responsibility for planning your own pathway to employment or self-employment.


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