**What's on at CCAD**----------- Clothing donation collection for the homeless every Monday in January. 12pm-1pm old build canteen, 1pm-2pm new build reception. Bring your clean unwanted stuff! ----------- Art is Business (marketing and PR for creative business) starts on Wednesday 10 January 2-4 pm in Room 51 Municipal Building, please email Pat Chapman if you will be coming along. ----------- Initial Teacher Training talk 12:30 on 24 January in room 009, ground floor 1 Church Street (off the cafe). Email Pat Chapman to book on. -----------


Folio this semester...

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Folio this semester...
by Patrick Chapman - Monday, 30 October 2017, 3:45 PM

Hi All,

This is a heads up for forthcoming events and seminars (so keep an eye on your inbox)

Coming Soon

  • Initial Teacher Training Surgery - a half day with Folio staff and colleagues from Northumbria University exploring routes in to teaching
  • Art as Business - these popular extra curricular seminars will be returning soon ( covering marketing, fundraising, and participatory arts)

Don't forget - you can book a personal session in Folio any time - just email me.